Local Ecumenical Partnerships (links to websites are provided where these exist otherwise contact ctoshire@gmail.com for information)

What is a Local Ecumenical Partnership?
Historically, 'Areas of Ecumenical Experiment' were set up in the late 1960s and the term 'Local Ecumenical Project' (or L.E.P) began to be used in the 1970s.  Towards the end of that decade the term 'Local Covenant' was introduced to descibe a particular form of local commitment which might also include Roman Catholics as full partners. 
Since the mid 1990s we have refereed to 'Local Ecumenical Partnerships' ; this change of name affirming the fact that L.E.P.'s are now an accepted and valued part of our ecumenical life. 
An L.E.P is defined as existing where there is: 
  • a formal written agreement by the local churches/chaplains/participants (depending on the category of the Partnership) affecting the ministry, congregational life, buildings and/or mission projects of more than one denomination
  • formal written authorisation by the appropriate denominational bodies in line with teir provisions and procedures
  • formal recognition, on-going liasion, support and review by the appropriate Sponsoring Body, in our case Curches Together in Oxfordshire.
The current L.E.P.'s in the county are:
Peachroft Christian Centre
                 Abingdon                 Trinity Church  
              Banbury                   St Francis Church 
St Mary's Church
Ladygrove Church
United Church
Blackbird Leys
Holy Family Church
        Brookes University      Ecumenical Chaplaincy 
Sumertown & Wolvercote Partnership
Christ Church